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Mother of the Bride Outfits for over 50's

Mother of the Bride Dresses

People say that there is one most special day in the life of every woman and it is her wedding day. But there is yet another very important day in their life too, it is the day when her little daughter grows up and gets married. It's a bitter sweet feeling for her because her little one is finally going to leave her but she is also supposed to get very happy in their new life. For this special occasion choosing the mother of the bride, outfits are one of the main contention and matter of attention for the family especially the bride. There are ranges of the mother of the bride dresses available at the designer shops but at times they are too basic or too expensive.

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Not only the mother is very excited for this day, but also every bride wants to feel the best on her wedding day. What else could make a bride happy than watching her mother sparkles in joy and is happy for her? We have seen so many brides getting worried about finding the mother of the bride outfits for over 50's women. No need to worry anymore because this block will give you amazing insight and ideas to get started with picking outfits for your mother right away.

Choose fabric according to her taste:

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Most of the times this might not be an issue but mothers do have a very different taste in clothes as compared to their daughters. We understand that it is your wedding but keeping her views in mind is also very important. Ask her the type of fabric she would like to wear. Most women over 50 years of age prefer chiffon type fabrics and try to avoid silk. But this is not a gold standard at all. There are many oufits for mother of the bride that are made up of silk and we assure you that they are equally graceful.

Another very attractive option is organza. It is a stiff yet very glittering type of fabric that requires minimal embroidery of ornaments to make it look more wedding-worthy. When it comes to making sarees, the net is one of the many trendy fabrics these days. You have all these choices and the best way to choose is to actually visit a market and try to feel the cloth and if it feels right then here you are. 

Choice of color:

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Color is very important yet it is not talked about that much whenever someone is suggesting wedding clothes. Especially for older ladies, unusual mother of the bride dresses are available in colors as light as white and as bright as teal. However, it is completely a matter of preference. But let us talk about the trend and how most mothers are doing it.

Well, contrary to popular beliefs, women are not sticking to bright colors only. Whenever you imagine a mother of the bride, it’s very usual to imagine her in bright-colored clothes. But now we have many different pastel colors available in the market too that are just as wedding like as others if the fabric and the ornamental work is done rightly.

Ornamental work:

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From embroidery to classical pearls and rhinestones, things can go from very simple to very complex based on your preference. We, however, do not suggest any embroidery over anything fancier. This is because you are the star of the day too. Your girl is getting married and you are the 2nd most important and known woman in the hall that day. Go wild on this one. Get a good amount of shiny work done that sparkles as you move and show the world off how happy and blessed you feel today. It’s not one of those days when an amazing Nishat linen dress will make you the women of the day. You have to steal your place and trust me there are so many other women who are after your place (wanting to look the best)

On the other hand, you have to take into account the fact that sparkly dresses are not that easy to wear. Looking amazing is important but it should never come at the expense of your comfort. That is why skip overloaded clothes if you are not comfortable wearing them. There are a lot of things to do for a mother on her daughter’s wedding day, her choice of clothes should be as comfortable as they could be.

Sarees are a classic:

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Don’t miss out on this one. Sarees are a classic and every mother of the bride should wear it at least once during the whole wedding. We would recommend wearing an elegant saree at the wedding reception or walima. When it comes to sarees, there is nothing that can steal your Limelight. Wear a black or a red, you are going to look fabulous.

The options for making sarees are endless but a classic silk saree has always been a winner. If you simply can't decide what you want to wear, go and grab a silk cloth of your favorite color and a velvet cloth for a blouse and here you have an amazing outfit that is bound to get you all the attention and praise that you need and surely deserve. Net sarees are also a thing if you are courageous enough to carry something as delicate as the net.

In a nutshell:

In a nutshell, there is not much changing in the fashion industry when it comes to fashion for older women, especially when women of older age are too reluctant to accept the change. If ghagras are in fashion, there won't be a lot of old women adopting this trend and they would like to stick to their old fashion sense which is great as well. After all, this is a day for you to be happy and any forced-choice should not be able to pull you down. Choose what makes your heart pound and enjoy yourself to the fullest. It is a special day and nothing can make it more special than your own will!

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