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How to improve dressing sense?

How to improve dressing sense?

Fashion is one of the biggest weakness of women and when it comes to fashion women are never willing to compromise. Everyone around you talks about fashion updates as it is something you cannot live without. Your dressing is an important part of your fashion and it defines how well you are able to impress everyone around you. Every woman needs to learn how to improve her dressing sense to keep herself updated with the modern world. Here’s an insight into the ways women can uplift their dressing sense.

First and foremost, women need to understand their own personal style which is unique for everyone. Once you understand it you can get clothes that fit your personal style, which makes it easier to carry the dress. This saves you from the trouble of trying new styles of dresses that often end up ruining your own personal style. You can even develop your personal style based on your favourite celebrity. But having your own personal style is very important for improving your dressing sense.

Secondly, stay updated with the latest trends in the fashion world and always keep your dressing in accordance with the latest fashion. You need to be regular with women clothing trends that help you stay classy and up-to-date. Following popular celebrities also helps, as you can take inspiration from them because their dressing is always on point.

Thirdly, select your dresses that accentuate your body features which you like the most. If you have a streamlined figure then you should wear cinched dresses and tops to accentuate your waist. This makes you feel confident over your body and you carry the dress as it is meant to be. Dressing is more about fitting and less about the style of dress. Nothing hurts your dressing sense more than an ill-fitted dress.

No one understands your body and your style more than you. Your dressing should not only be fashionable but also comfortable enough for you to enjoy it. A simple ladies Kurta can be worn with a jeans or tights to get chic dressing without disturbing your comfort. You can pair your simple shirt with exclusive bottoms and beautiful accessories for a perfect look. An elegant, sequined top can be paired with plain tights to keep focus on the top and protect your comfort as well.

An important part of improving your dressing sense is to experiment less with your look. Going too bold or too simple will disturb your overall look. Playing too much with colours is a big flaw in dressing, so avoid using too many colours in a single dress. Moreover, your choice of colours should be in accordance with the seasonal changes. For summer, go for bright colours such as yellow, pink, green etc. Cold season calls for warmer and darker tones.

However, monotonous dressing is another big flaw in fashion. You must have some variety in your style to keep your dressing lively. Do not bore yourself with same type of outfits all the time, it drops your dressing sense to much lower level. Mix and match of your outfits goes a long way in uplifting your overall dressing sense and motivates you to enhance it. A top can go with jeans, trousers and even baggy pants. You can make many combinations by mixing of various pieces of clothing making a new unique dress every time.

To improve your dressing sense, choose clothes that you can easily recycle and wear at different occasions. Spending a large amount of money on dresses and not recycling them is a waste of money. While shopping, make sure you pick up the dresses that are suitable to be worn on different events with a slight change of jewelry or hairstyle. You can easily repeat a dress with a different hairstyle and nobody would even notice.

Jewelry is an important part of your dressing. If you want your dressing to be on point then pair your dress with appropriate kind and amount of jewelry. With a heavy embellished dress wear simple light jewelry. But if you are wearing a simple dress, pair it with more items of jewelry such as a statement necklace and bracelet. This is how you can complement your dress with your jewelry. While shopping, make sure to set aside some budget for accessories that would go with most of your dresses. Shoes, bags and jewelry are must-haves for your wardrobe.

Last but not the least, pick out the dresses according to your skin tones. You should be aware of the colours that suit you and look for dresses within those colour ranges. Women with blonde hair and fair skin can totally pull up warm colours in contrast to women with dark skin looking good in pastels.

Keep these points in mind and you can uplift your dressing sense with minimal effort and staying in your comfort zone.

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