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Everything you need to know about Black Friday

Everything you need to know about Black Friday

November marks the beginning of the holiday season and the whole air is completely filled with excitement and enthusiasm. But there is a very different kind of enthusiasm breeding inside the people who love shopping. One of the most widely seen holiday season sales is due on black Friday and besides enjoying the sale itself, it is very important to acknowledge the fact that every special day has a history and a meaning and knowing about it can make you a better person.

What is Black Friday?


So what exactly is Black Friday and why are people so excited about it? Someday near the last week of November, your phone suddenly lights up and here you are! There is a message from Sana Safinaz telling you about a flat 40% off at Despite that most Pakistani brands use different names for this sale like "Blessed Friday", "White Friday" and "Happy Friday" etc. It is actually an adoption of a world-famous sale called the "Black Friday".

Why do people celebrate Black Friday?

Traditionally this Friday is the one following Thanksgiving and usually it is the last Friday of November every year. Just after Thanksgiving, people start preparing for Christmas around the world and especially in America. They start shopping (Which is the most important part of Christmas preparation) and this beginning of shopping fiesta is made attractive by providing exclusive sales on the following Friday. That is how the Black Friday tradition originally started.

Why this specific Friday?

But the biggest question that pops into anyone’s mind whenever they hear about this day is, Why would they choose this one day for sales despite that the shopping season is going to last for a few more weeks after it too? Well, this is a very smartly planned day because of a number of factors that lead to more shopping around this specific Friday.

Since Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November every year, it is an official Holiday throughout the USA and many other countries as well. The day after it, i.e. Friday is not an official holiday but in many states, people do take a leave or are granted one by the state itself. So these two days along with the following weekend make it a huge 4 day long weekend and this is the time people love to go shopping. Even if someone has to buy cargo trousers womens first pick would be to wait for a good sale like Black Friday. 

The popularity of Black Friday:

But there is another very strange thing that you may encounter about this specific day off is that there are so many people around the world especially the elders who would consider this untraditional. This is because this is not a very old tradition even in America. Thanks to the rapid competition between commercial products that people are coming up with strange new ideas to boost their sales and it is considered that Black Friday is also a part of such a venture.

This day was almost nonexistent near the 1950s and this is the time when it was originated. Different shopkeepers wanted to attract potential customers and give them the incentive to buy and a sale is a proven remedy for this problem. The sales of all the shops that choose to use the black Friday idea boosted dramatically. This leads to wide adoption of this concept and here we are today with almost every shop coming up with a Black Friday sale as if it were an obligation.

The effectiveness of Black Friday:

When it comes to effectiveness, something that really excites everyone is the idea that something that you are going to buy today will cost you a lot more if you wait till a sale. Despite that we won’t go into the details of why sales are beneficial to the shops, people actually wait for this sale to buy stuff that they actually might not be in severe need of.

For instance, you liked an air-fryer and you are thinking about buying it, but you are not sure you need it or not. You go to a shop or browse it online and the price is very high. Obviously, you don't need it that much so you dismiss the idea of buying it. Now, around the Black Friday, you suddenly recheck the price and voila, it's cheaper now. Naturally, a person would think of the bucks they are going to save instead of the ones that they are going to spend on a thing that they don't even need.

This is something the shopkeepers capitalize on and it has lead to a massive boost in sales for so many products that were not very popular in the past. In conclusion, people are being fooled into buying things that they don’t really need, but who cares because the deals are so attractive.

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