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Difference between Designer Clothes & Normal Clothes

Difference between Designer Clothes & Normal Clothes

Clothing industry being one of the biggest industries everywhere in the world is expanding at a fast pace. You come across new brands and designers every now and then, everyone contributing their part to the fashion world. The trend of designer clothes is becoming more and more popular by the day, with people getting more and more conscious about their dressing. Women, especially like to wear a dress that is as unique as their taste and makes them look the most beautiful of all.

What really are designer clothes? They are the clothes designed by a reputable designer, unique in their style and extraordinary in their quality. Moreover, designer clothes are recognized by their high prices due to the quality they offer. Designer clothes are one of a kind, carrying the label of well reputed fashion designers. A designer dress is known for its exclusive design made by skilled craftsmanship and luxury fabric used with perfect tailoring. Every detail of designer clothes is perfect to match the elegant taste of the people who can afford them. One of the leading examples of designer clothes is Gul Ahmad which is a name in itself. Gul Ahmed is a popular Pakistani designer clothing brand that is known for high quality fabric and sheer designs.

Pakistani women are just as much conscious about their dressing as women in any part of the world. For women fashion is all about comfortable clothes that are trendy and stylish. Not everyone can afford to buy high priced designer clothes, no matter how much they want to wear them. The better option for these people are normal clothes that are unlabeled. Normal clothes are the ones that are not claimed by any reputable fashion designer and are easily available to everyone at affordable prices. Any marketplace is full of designer as well as normal clothes for all kinds of customers.

The major differences between designer clothes and normal clothes are the label, quality and price. Label marks the ownership of a designer over the design of dress who has copyrights over it. Normal clothes often come as replicas of designer clothes which have the same style but with slight variations. The quality difference is much clear in designer and normal clothes. Designer clothes are made with the finest fabric with no compromise on quality, while normal clothes are made from normal quality fabric. These two differences sum up the major difference of price among designer and normal clothes. Due to exclusive designs and high end fabric used designer clothes fall in high price range. Normal clothes have lower and much affordable prices that are in reach of average class people.

Designer clothes get much more appreciation than normal clothes for the uniqueness of their designs. Women with high taste can easily recognize a designer dress when they see one, because they are not that common. As much as designer clothes cost, they sure turn some heads up for the sheer detailing that make them center of attention in any event. Normal clothes being affordable are very common and very often do you get a unique piece in them. Markets are filled with varied collections of Kurta for women which are budget friendly yet stylish.

Normal clothes can be bought easily from local markets and the large number of online stores selling them in bulk. However, designer clothes are displayed only at the official stores and websites of the designer itself. Getting your hands at a designer dress is not as easy as you might think. Leading Pakistani brands with designer clothes include Gul Ahmed, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, Maria B., Sobia Nazir, Bonanza Satrangi and many more. Pakistani women love the collections of dresses by these designers and stock up their wardrobes with their latest collections every year. Despite being labeled, these designer collections are not as high priced as one might expect. Their prices are higher than normal clothes but still lower than many foreign designer clothes.

Designer clothes come in a variety of styles from western to eastern, casual to formal, stitched to unstitched and lawn to luxury. Casual designer clothes are perfect for casual wear and are even affordable, while the formal wear are heavily embellished and fall into the high price range. Women love flaunting their designer Maria B. dresses at wedding events, forgetting how much they paid for them. Normal clothes also come in a variety of styles and are often rip offs of the designer clothes. This way women can enjoy the unique designs copied from designer clothes while still staying in their budget. This however, comes at the expense of quality of fabric of course.

To sum up we could say that designer clothes are luxury clothes exclusive for a limited number of people while normal clothes are for everyone. Women know when to spend their money on designer clothes and when to save money with normal clothes.

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